Rotation Anticheat

Important Notes:
  • Anticheat is one of the best I know of.
  • I want to ensure leaks don't happen.
  • Price overall depends on the size of your community
  • Autostrafe
  • Aimbot
  • Antiaim - including fake angles
  • Sequence freezing
  • Chatspam
  • Nospread
  • Movement fix
  • Backtrack
  • Fakelag
  • pSilent (disabled entirey, no ban)
  • Cvar spoofing
  • Bad C++ console commands
  • Suspicious keybind presses (notifications)
  • Auto Bunnyhop
  • And more...
  • Lua stealing (some cases)
  • Lua execution (most cases)
  • Engine prediction
  • Garbage
  • Detours
  • C++ menus (most cases)
  • Anti-screengrab
  • Cheat signature scans
  • Anti-Cheat tampering
  • Ban Evasion (Some persist through re-installs)
  • And more...
Extra Features:
  • Commands
  • Colored server console
  • Customizable messages
  • And more...
Why should you choose us?
  • Years of experience in the creation and improvement of anti-cheats
  • Constant updates and improvements
  • Advanced detection methods
  • Reliable and trustworthy service
Specific Cheat Detections
A Sleek Menu
Our Team
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Trustworthy clients have a chance at non-DRM versions. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing our anti-cheat solution, please join our Discord server and reach out to our team. We'll be happy to assist you!